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This FAQ is meant to answer some of your questions that you may have in relation to the Ranau Ultra Marathon 2022. If you need further assistance or information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us at avtasports@gmail.com or via our customer service line at: 016-747-9749.

What is the distance for the event?

46.2KM from start to finish with a +/- of 1.2km with a cut off time of 14 hours. Cut off times are dependent on runners passing each water station (WS) before independent cut off times at each station. Additional cut off times are imposed for Check Point Y and Z. Check Point Y: Runners may not proceed to Check Point Z after 4.00pm and will be diverted to the finish line directly. A time penalty will be imposed to ensure fairness for those who did beat the cut off time at Point Y but will be given official finisher status.

Where does the Event Start?

Mountain Valley Resort, Kundasang, located at the junction to Bundu Tuhan

The race director will explain in his video commentary his options during the race with the current curfew of 8.00pm for all sporting events in Sabah if there are runners still on the race course before the 8.00pm deadline to finish the evet.

Where can I get the GPX file for the event?

Please proceed to our “DOWNLOADS” section at the top of the page where the menu bar is located to access the downloads folder.

How will the certificate of achievement be given to me?

You will be able to download it after the event from Check Point Spot. More information will be shared on how to do so at the end of the event once the final results have been verified and there are no appeals or changes/time penalties given that affect the final standings of the event.

I need to withdraw before the event. Can I do a bib swap?

Yes, you may request a bib swap up to 48 hours before the event with an admin fee charge of RM25 payable to Avta Sports Sdn Bhd. All requests for bib swaps need to be done via email to avtasports@gmail.com

I could not attend the event. Can I request my event tee or merchandise I purchased to be shipped to me or for me to collect it after the event?

Yes, you certainly can. Please communicate with us via email at avtasports@gmail.com and let us know you are withdrawing from the event and your location/address to pass or ship the item to.

Can I change my event tee or finisher tee sizing?

We have started production of event tees and finisher tees well in advance this time to avoid delivery delays for competitors who registered between October and 8th December 2021, you are “batch #1” and your final date to make size changes has passed.

For runners registering after 8th December 2021, you are under “batch #2” and your final date to make changes is 5th January 2022 before 9.00am.

If you really are having a size issue, speak to us and we will see if there are any spares but during these times, we rarely keep spare shirts due to cost issues for production and storage.

My friends and family want to come support me during the event and want to be at the start, along the race route and finish line. Is this alright?

Yes, most certainly but we must emphasis the use of face masks at all times, social distancing at all times and regular washing of hands when possible. Please note families/support crews are not allowed beyond WS3 (Point X) to Point Y (Pusat Dakwah Islam, Mesilau) on the race course and on the plantation route section to the finish line.

More details will be available closer to the event date and via a video prepared by us highlighting locations of Point X and Point Y as well as the plantation route section that are off limits and an explanation why.

When is the deadline to register for RUM 2022?

We close registrations once we fill up all 200 slots for the event.

When is race pack collection?

Race pack collection time and dates will be announced shortly.

What is a “Self-Sufficient” Race?

Self-sufficiency is used in events where experienced runners are participating and/or runners are expected to manage their intake of calories and hydration based on their individual needs with the support of check points water and cooling stations at what we call “WS” or “water stations.”

This race is for experienced runners and ultra-runners who understand their bodies and know what is required for themselves as far as calorie intake on an hourly basis.

You must be able to look after your own nutrition especially if you take on a serious ultra-marathon event like RUM.

You need to be prepared for a long day on your feet and are conditioned for long elevation gains and descents under hot and challenging conditions.

Make sure you are comfortable with good footwear and carry the right clothing to put on if it rains or turns chilly.

Bus Transfer Information

Yes, this is an optional service and the cost-effective 25th December 2021 is RM120 for a return journey per person.

Bus Departure Kota Kinabalu-Start/Finish-Kota Kinabalu

Saturday, 19th February 2022

12.00PM from ITCC Mall and/or Mega D Aru Hotel to Mountain Valley Resort only. (Limited Seats! Please contact the organizers to board this special transport before 1st Feb 2022)

Sunday, 20th February 2022

3.00AM from ITCC Mall

Note: Please wait by ITCC stair case leading down to main road. Vans will stop outside on the side of the road directly in front of ITCC

3.00AM from Mega D Aru Hotel, Tanjung Aru.

Bus Departure Kundasang-Mountain View Resort/Finish-Kundasang

5.00AM Pick up from parking area in front of War Memorial at Pekan Kundasang

Special Pick up from D'Villa Rina & Kinabalu Park HQ Entrance

Van will stop at both locations for pick up. Please be ready by 5.00am.

For Kinabalu Park HQ, kindly wait by the side of the road directly in front of Kinabalu Park HQ by the Ranau-Tamparuli highway. Van will not enter Kinabalu Park entrance.

Return Journey from Finish Line

Buses will depart at staggered intervals as vans fill up to capacity before they depart. Runners may in some cases depart relatively quickly after finishing the race whilst some may need to wait for their bus that is going to their location to fill up before departure.

We ask for patience and understanding as the distance between Mesilau and Kundasang/Mountain Valley Resort/Kinabalu Park/D'Villa Rina is not as near as it seems.

We strongly urge you to make a private transport arrangement if you are in a rush or need to be back in Kota Kinabalu immediately after the race as we cannot guarantee immediate transfers after the finish.

Can I purchase a bus transfer option if I park my car in Kundasang as I am staying at a homestay nearby to get to the start line and back to Kundasang after the race from the finish line?

Yes, you are recommended to park at the parking bay at the War Memorial in Kundasang township. A shuttle bus service can transport you to the start line and from the finish line back to the parking area after the race. Transport departs at 5.00am from Kundasang to the start line at Mountain Valley Resort.

The cost is RM50 per person for this service.

All bookings must be done in advance for this service as we have limited buses available for this.

Kindly contact us at avtasports@gmail.com to book your seat before 1st February 2022.

I am staying a short distance from the Start Line and need transport from the finish line back to my accommodation near Mountain Valley Resort. Is there transport?

Yes but this needs to be booked in advance. Cost is RM25 per person for this service. Kindly contact us at avtasports@gmail.com to book your seat.

At each Waterstation, what food is available?

WS1 and WS2 will provide bananas only as they are mobile vehicle platforms on the race course. WS3 will have fruit, salty crisps as well as cold drinks. WS4 will only be a mobile water station.

Is there an option for drop bags?

Yes. We collect 1 drop bag/transition bag and 1 finish bag at the start line before the race. You will be provided 1 drop bag and 1 finish bag tag to attach to your bag.

Your drop bag/transition bag will be sent from the start line to WS3. Your finish bag will be transported to the finish line.

Kindly note we will not transport bags heavier than 5kg without prior approval. Kindly contact the organizers to discuss your luggage issue if you have a finish bag weighing more than 5kg.

Do you provide energy bars/gels at Water stations?

No. We provide fresh fruit. Runners are required to be self-sufficient in this race as per the standards enforced in this event.

What will the weather be like during the event?

Weather in the mountain area is unpredictable. High temperatures can exceed 38 degrees Celsius with a low of 5-8 degrees Celsius on a cold, wet day with strong winds blowing. It is essential you abide by the mandatory kit and carry the safety items for your own wellbeing and protection during the event.

Will there be penalties for missing mandatory kit items?

Yes. The penalties range from hourly time penalties to immediate disqualification.

The race director and/or staff reserve the right to conduct random checks on the race- course.

Is there WIFI coverage on the race-course?

Yes, full coverage along the race-course route.

If I DNF, can I request to get the finisher medal and/or finisher tee?

No, you do need to start and finish the full race course in order to qualify for a finisher’s medal and finisher’s tee as this is a competitive event.