Ranau 45k Ultra Marathon 2022

Start: Village Location to be Advised Shortly

Finish: Mesilau Golf Club, Kundasang

Event Date: Sunday, 20th February 2022

Drop Bag Option: Yes

Support Crew: Allowed except between Point X and Point Y

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Race Map

Map Updated Version 2.png

Elevation Gain Profile

Elevation profile Updated Version.png
Race Google Earth version map will be uploaded shortly along with GPX file for downloading. We will update all registered runners once the data is available for viewing

Race Course Data

COT (hours)
11KM (+11KM)
18KM (+7KM)
30KM (+12KM)
38KM (+8KM)
41KM (+3KM)
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Event Information


1 - Due to restrictions on the number of participants allowed to participate in an event due to current Standard Operating Procedures, a limit of 200 runners for this event has been imposed.

Registration is limited to residents of Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan or Semanjung Malaysia for now. We are unable to accept foreign participation from international runners at this moment in time but this ruling may change if the limitation on participants is increased once Sabah moves into Phase 4 in early 2022. We will keep runners informed on the change in policy once we get the latest update from the authorities.

2 - Organization of the event is also subject to Sabah State mandate on Covid-19 and all participants accept that whatever decisions made by the organizing team will always depend on the advice of the Sabah State government.

3 - Participants are allowed to pass to the organizers 1 drop bag at the start line before the event up to 15 minutes before the start of the event.

The drop bags can be accessed at the halfway point of the race. All drop bags must have RUM 2022 bag tags attached with their bib numbers for verification purposes. Drop bags will be sent to the finish line for runners to collect along with their finisher bags

4 - Why a 3.00 am start time?

Due to the extreme elevation gain along the route and level of difficulty, risk assessments determined that it is in the best interest and welfare of participants to allow them to complete as much of the route in the dark as possible before morning/afternoon temperatures exceed 36 degrees Celcius. 

This decision has been made in consultation with our chief medical advisor for the event and based on risk assessments carried out on the race course in early October 2021.

5 - We do not provide transport from the finish line or Kundasang back to the Start line.

6-Participants ARE ALLOWED race support crews during the event provided they do not interfere with the event. All support crews are not allowed between Point X and Point Y.

Pre-Race Accomodation Recommendation for Runners Selecting Option 3:

We recommend accommodations at the following locations which will offer pick up/drop off at Start/Finish (Option 3):

  1. Sutera Sanctuary Lodges (Bus Stop Parking Area at main road)

  2. D’Villa Rina

  3. J-Residence (At entrance by the main road)

  4. Ayana Holiday Resort (At entrance by the main road)

  5. Main observation & parking point, Pekan Kundasang


Registration & Race Pack Collection:

Race Pack operational hours & collection points will be shared closer to the event date.

Third party race pack collection is allowed with approval from the individual runners.

Minimum/Maximum age to Participate:

21 years or older on race day or a maximum of 65 years of age or younger on the day of event.

All competitors are responsible for ensuring they are medically fit to participate in this event and do not suffer from any of the medical conditions stated below:

o   Congenital or rheumatic heart conditions

o   Hypertension

o   Myocarditis and other heart conditions

o   Coronary heart disease, coronary arterial disease

o   Serious arrhythmia

o   Diabetes (*refer to race organizers for more information)

o   Vertigo

o   Any other major diseases that can be aggravated by running in extreme conditions and/or under extreme weather

Covid-19 Protocols

Due to the new social distancing norms and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) as a result of Covid-19, participants acknowledge they understand that new protocols must be introduced for the benefit of all concerned and willingly submit themselves to these new SOPs and agree to adhere to the stated SOPs below.

  • Revised SOP” means the organizer may need to adjust/change or modify SOP’s due to new requirements by the “authorities” listed below:

  • These new protocols are guided by guidelines and SOP’s International Trail Running Association (ITRA) guidelines, Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia, Department of Occupational Safety and Health, Ministry of Human Resources, Kementerian Belia dan Sukan and Persuruhan Jaya Sukan Negara Malaysia (also known as “The Authorities.”)

  • Please note the protocols below may be subject to change on advice from the Sabah State Government or any of the authorities listed above.

  • Participants must be double vaccinated in order to participate.

  • Participants showing signs of illness on the day of the event and/or demonstrating a body temperature of over 37.5 degrees celcius may not participate in this event and should refrain from attending the event.

  • Signs of illness may include fever, cough, excessive sneezing, shortness of breath, sore throat, headache.

  • If a runner has to withdraw due to illness, they must inform the organizers immediately.

  • No support crew, friends/family, third parties will be allowed in the designated start line or finish line area of the event as per SOP’s. You may stand outside the start area at a sensible distance. The co-operation of support crews, friends/family in this regard is sincerely appreciated as social distancing limits prevent us from allowing too many people into the start area.


Staggered Start System

There will be a staggered start system based on a first come first basis for this event.

  • Group 1 - 3.00am-50 runners*

  • Group 2 - 3.05am-50 runners*

  • Group 3 - 3.10am-50 runners*

  • Group 4 - 3.15am-50 runners*

*Number of participants per group subject to change according to “Revised SOP.

Insurance Coverage

  • All participants must be insured in order to participate. Insurance coverage is 21 years of age to 65 years of age on the event date. All participants are required by PJS laws to attain insurance coverage from the organizer at a set rate payable for this event.


  • All participants must submit a clear photocopy or photograph of their MYKARD to the organizers before the event in order to participate. MYKARD copies are safely kept for emergency medical admissions only and to verify participants identity and for insurance purposes. Copies of all MYKARDS are deleted at the end of the event and no personal MYKARD submissions are shared with 3rd parties

Cut-Off Times

  • Cut-off times along the race course are there for your safety and wellbeing as well as to ensure the smooth flow of the event once it begins and to ensure participants do not lag too far behind the main group of participants.

  • Due to stringent Covid-19 restrictions on the number of participants allowed in an event and restrictions on the number of members of the organizing team (Phase 3 as of 22/10/2021), runners who fail to meet cut off times will be stopped at designated checkpoints and transferred back to Kundasang/transported back to Kota Kinabalu if they have purchased the bus transfer option.

Support Crews

  • Runners are allowed to receive assistance from a support crew on the race course route limited only from the start line to Point X. (20KM)

  • Point X will be indicated to all participants before the event.

  • No support vehicle will be allowed to assist runners from Point X to Point Y as the route and plantation road is too narrow and may impede runners on the route to the finish line. Support drivers may however proceed from Point X to the finish line or to Point Y near the finish line to wait for their runners using the main road from Kundasang to the Mesilau Golf Club where the finish line is located and Point Y is also located (approximately 2km from the finish line).

  • No outsiders including support crews are permitted inside the designated Start or Finish area due to Covid restrictions and SOP’s we have to abide by.


We apologize for this.


Support crews may wait for their runner(s) outside the Start/finish area and may observe/cheer the start/finish of the event.


Finish Line Restrictions Due to Covid-19 SOPs

  • Basic toilet facility available for use at the finish line for participants

  • No shower facilities due to Covid SOP at the finish line

  • Separate tents are available at the finish line for male/female participants to change clothes

  • Finish line meal will be pre-packed for runners to collect

  • To ensure social distancing SOP’s are followed, no mass gatherings are allowed due to social distance restrictions.  Once a runner has completed the event, collected their official finisher tee and medal, and had a chance to change clothes and finish their meal, they should depart the finish area as we must ensure there is no congestion of participants in the finish line area.

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Event Registration

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